Your First Appointment

Bring your GP referral, any test results so far this pregnancy, and important information about medical past, any important questions or concerns you may have, and your support person/partner/friend/mother etc.

What to expect

As your chosen Perth Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Matt will carefully explore your obstetric, gynaecological and medical past, and other information that may help to tailor a solutions to your concerns.

A bedside ultrasound at every obstetric appointment.

In some cases a medical examination may be required, that you can expect to be carried out professionally, sensitively and with respect for your privacy and well being.

Dr Matt will take the time to help explain your condition(s), discuss options for care,
together with you make a plan that is tailored to your requirements and satisfaction, answer any questions you may have, and liaise with your referring GP to ensure you have safe, comprehensive and sound follow up


Medicare rebates apply to consultation and procedural services. Patients without Medicare will generally have access to equivalent private health fund rebates. Please enquire through your private health fund.

Maternity patients:

Initial appointment $180 (rebate $75)

Follow up appointment $120 (rebate $41.35); on average 8-10 per pregnancy depending on circumstances

Pregnancy management fee: after 28 weeks of pregnancy this payment covers full time 24 hours/day, 7 days/week private obstetric on call arrangements outside the standard scope of practice, attendance for in hospital emergencies and goes to supporting the additional costs associated with private obstetric insurance. This fee is $2000.

Ultrasounds: no charge

Gynaecology patients:

Initial appointment $250 (rebate $76.15)

Follow up appointment $160 (rebate $38.25)

Office procedures: Please ask Reception for a full list of fees for office procedures, e.g:  insertion of Implanon and Mirena, Copper IUCD, colposcopy, biopsies, and other minor procedures are $110, with most procedures having medicare rebates.

Private hospital insurance covers:

Delivery fees:  Dr Matt’s delivery fee is no gap where your private insurance covers in hospital obstetric care. Where your private insurance does not fully cover in hospital obstetric expenses there may be required a top-up to the standard private payment, to be settled prior to delivery. There may be additional costs for other hospital services (radiology and pathology), anaesthetist and paediatrician. We will endeavour to provide clear and transparent advice of these at your consultation.

Hospital surgical procedures: You will receive a detailed quote and Informed Financial Consent form prior to any procedure being booked.


Please see the Location page for more information regarding parking.

What to wear/bring to your appointment

Please do not worry about how to dress for your appointment. Obstetric examinations are almost always abdominal, as are ultrasounds, and privacy sheets are always used for your modesty and privacy.

For gynaecology appointments, there may be a requirement for an internal examination, in which case a chaperone will be offered to you, and private changing arrangements are available. Again privacy sheets are always used for your modesty and privacy. Sanitary products are available to you should they be required. Alternatively you are welcome to bring your preferred type.

Colposcopy and IUCD changes
It is common to notice some spotting and cramping after a colposcopy (where we look at your cervix under a microscope) or mirena/IUCD insertion. There are sanitary products available for you to use afterward, or you may prefer to bring your own type. The doctor may recommend some medication to help with the cramping sensation after your procedure.

What if I am on my period?
Except for colposcopies, your period should not interfere with any examination that may be required. Please do not feel uncomfortable in this situation as it is a normal part of your reproductive cycle. However, should you feel the need to change your appointment you are free to do so. If you are due to have a colposcopy and proceed to have your period, please feel at ease to call our reception and re-schedule your appointment.


Patients can expect the doctor to do their very best to run on schedule. As obstetricians can often be called to attend births and medical emergencies at any time, it is not uncommon that clinic appointments may be running behind schedule. We appreciate that you may not always be able to wait for the doctor, in which case we are happy to try and arrange a convenient time for you to re-schedule. Please speak to our reception staff to help you with these arrangements.

Emergency appointments can be made available via discussion and negotiation with administration staff. Should you require your appointment to be brought forward, please contact our reception staff.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Any information and conversations that are had between patients and our doctors are considered to be confidential and kept strictly private. Please see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy for more information.

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