Feeding your baby sometimes takes professional support

Feeding your baby not only nourishes your newborn but also helps establish bonding between parent and child. However breast feeding can often present difficult and complex challenges as it takes a combined effort between mother and child and several factors can compromise success.

For this reason Dr Matt Thyer Private Obstetrician has engaged with Tracy Steele, Senior Midwife and experienced Perth Lactation Specialist (Breastfeeding Solutions), to help prepare and support women for birth and breastfeeding. This involves two long sessions dedicated to personalised birthing and breastfeeding education usually between 32 to 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

Tracy also provides Dr Matt Thyer’s patients with breastfeeding support following delivery. Where required she will take telephone enquiries (most things can be sorted over the phone), and in person appointments either in Dr Matt’s rooms or as a home visit where that is more convenient. This is usually covered by your private health insurance through SJOG Health Care at home in the first two weeks following birth. Following this Tracy offers continued care via her private breastfeeding service.

Tracy is really passionate about helping Mum’s establish feeding and the special bond between mother and child. Having Tracy on board in Dr Matt’s rooms has been a game changer in helping many new Mum’s prepare for, and establish, breastfeeding.